Guaranteed debt consolidation loans -Get debt consolidation near me: we can help

Guaranteed debt consolidation loans -Get debt consolidation near me: we can help

You plan to consolidate your credits but you do not know where to start? So that you can approach this operation of debt consolidation as calmly as possible, simulation is the first step through which you will be able to better know its various parameters. That’s why the Credither Guide has designed these free and easy-to-use our simulation tools to help you make your first calculations.

We’ve helped thousands of customers get debt consolidation near me 

All of these elements must be taken into account when evaluating the profitability of a loan buyback. For more information, besides simulating your acquisition of credit in its various aspects, discover our guide dedicated to the repurchase of credit and more precisely to the expenses which you could have to pay according to the type of project which you wish to realize (repurchase of credit consumption, repurchase of real estate credit or repurchase of credits conso AND immo).

When your project is more successful and you know your situation through these simulations debt consolidation, you can call our services by making a request via our comparator. One of our advisors will optimize your file and will give you the best conditions for your debt consolidation.

If you view site and contact our debt consolidation specialist, you will save time in finding the most suitable solution. 

Your goals during this simulation

You can then determine your debt ratio, your outstanding capital, view your amortization schedule month by month, estimate the notary fees of a possible mortgage or find out what would be your new monthly payments in case of redemption. The goal is for you to calmly consider your project by preparing for it today, for free and without constraints.

Most used by our user’s Grouping of credits Too many monthly payments? Calculate the declines you could achieve by pooling your credits. Debt Level Determine your debt ratio based on your income and expenses. Calculating Mortgage Costs Do you guarantee that you will buy credits with a mortgage? Estimate your future mortgage fees as collateral. Other simulation tools to prepare my project: Depreciation table Provide a detailed table of your monthly and annual repayments over the life of your loan. Remaining capital Determine how much you have to repay on your outstanding credits.

Evaluate the profitability of your credit pool

For a successful credit buy-back operation, it is important to evaluate the profitability of such an operation before implementing it. Indeed, loan consolidation can in some cases lead to costs that cancel out the profit you want to make, so a credit redemption simulation is essential to make the right decision. Note, however, that fees vary depending on the amount to be redeemed and the type of transaction. We can nevertheless count:

  • The prepayment charges relating to the old loan to be settled;
  • Release fees to be paid to lift the mortgage in order to free the property from any foreclosure;
  • Bank charges only when the redemption transaction is validated;
  • Mortgage fees for setting up a new guarantee with the new bank;
  • Insurance fees for the subscription to a new contract.